Stem Cell Transplant Journal Day 18 – 18 December 2015 (Cancer and Me 59)

19th December 2015 1 By Andy Burrows

My sore throat got worse during the night, so I was prescribed some Oramorph, which only just about took the edge of the pain. By the morning, with not much sleep behind me, I also had a splitting headache. I was not looking forward to a day of not being able to eat or drink much because of my throat, and I even suggested they set up the IV fluids during the day because I didn’t think I’d drink enough.

Fortunately, they prescribed Difflam mouthwash and that has really helped to numb the pain at the back of my throat. I still haven’t felt like eating but it’s made the day less painful. And I have actually managed to drink enough through the day.

And there was quite a lot of hair on my pillow this morning, but even after a shower and moulting all day there is still quite a lot left on my head. So I guess it’s going to take a couple of days and I might have to finish it off with the shaver myself.

I spent the day trying to pass the time with reading, and tinkering with one of my websites… and doing pointless things that are normally too pointless to contemplate… like downloading and trying out new internet browsers, and rearranging the icons on my iPhone!

Prof Johnson came round to see how I was, and said I was doing really well. My neutrophil count is up at 0.1 today, ahead of schedule, so let’s see what happens. I was assured that in spite of my sore throat today I would start to feel better and better over the weekend, and that by Monday I would be eating ok.

Finally, I’ve heard that people like to hear my positivity. I hadn’t realised I was being positive! I thought I was just “telling it how it is”! But simply being told that makes me feel more positive. There is a lesson there – we all need more encouragement all round.