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My Allograft 2018-21 – 40. 26th September 2021 By Andy Burrows, 26 September 2021 I haven’t been in a shop for over three years. I’ve been avoiding people who might pass on any kind of infection while my immune system has been compromised. My immune system first took a hit while I was undergoing chemotherapy…

By Andy Burrows 26th September 2021 3

My Mount Everest

Andy Burrows, 8 October 2018 There is no doubt that my fourth battle with cancer is the toughest challenge of my life. I feel the need to make that clear. I’ll explain what makes it tough in a minute. And I’m not losing my positivity and optimism when I say this. I guess I just…

By Andy Burrows 9th October 2018 11

Being That Guy

Andy Burrows, 30 September 2018   Hello! It’s been a while! I can remember writing in one of my articles about my 2015 relapse that I wanted, “to do other things rather than constantly being ‘that guy who has cancer’.” A few months later, I went on to write, “I’m trying to close the door,…

By Andy Burrows 30th September 2018 2

Do Not Worry

This post is now incorporated with 22 other similar ‘reflections’ in my book, Facing Cancer with Faith.  In the ‘Cancer and Me’ chapter I posted back in August 2015 (No 37), I finished by referring to the anxiety that was afflicting me at the time. I took the decision to defer publication of this follow-on…

By Andy Burrows 18th February 2016 4

When You Choose to Suffer

One day during my stem cell transplant, probably while I was waiting to feel rubbish, I remember chiding myself that I chose this. I was in pretty good health when I came into hospital, and yet I’d decided to come to hospital and be made sick, and then to be off work sick and unemployed…

By Andy Burrows 16th December 2015 2