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By Andy Burrows, 11 November 2018 Life at Base Camp Before I give you my reflections on what’s driving my attitude at the moment, it’s worth giving a quick update on my situation to set the scene. I think I mentioned last time that things had settled down after my chemotherapy. My blood counts have…

By Andy Burrows 10th November 2018 0

Treatment Update 21 October 2018

By Andy Burrows, 21 October 2018 I thought, rather than anything too deep, it’s probably time for a news update and a look back over my chemo experience. I have now arrived at Base Camp, using my Everest-climb analogy! I had three cycles of R-ICE chemo, which meant three 4/5-day stints staying in Basingstoke Hospital.…

By Andy Burrows 22nd October 2018 5

My Mount Everest

Andy Burrows, 8 October 2018 There is no doubt that my fourth battle with cancer is the toughest challenge of my life. I feel the need to make that clear. I’ll explain what makes it tough in a minute. And I’m not losing my positivity and optimism when I say this. I guess I just…

By Andy Burrows 9th October 2018 9

Being That Guy

Andy Burrows, 30 September 2018   Hello! It’s been a while! I can remember writing in one of my articles about my 2015 relapse that I wanted, “to do other things rather than constantly being ‘that guy who has cancer’.” A few months later, I went on to write, “I’m trying to close the door,…

By Andy Burrows 30th September 2018 0

My 1st Re-Birthday (Cancer and Me 71)

So, as I’ve learnt from previous stem cell and bone marrow transplant patients, today is my 1st “re-birthday”. This time last year I was having stem cells infused after a week of high dose chemotherapy in a little sterile room in Southampton Hospital. I’m in a few Facebook groups for lymphoma suffers/survivors and bone marrow…

By Andy Burrows 8th December 2016 0

I’ve published my first book!

Having a book published is quite a big deal. And this was my first experience of self-publishing, using Createspace, Scrivener, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo Writing Life, iTunes Producer… and good ol’ Microsoft Word! So my first published book is now available to buy.  This one is merely the compendium of ‘cancer and me’ blog entries…

By Andy Burrows 8th March 2016 1