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Facing Cancer with Faith (published April 2016)

Facing Cancer with Faith coverHaving cancer is not just a physical issue, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. And it doesn’t just affect the patient, but also the whole family. And as with any kind of hardship or suffering it can bring to mind some deep questions – Why? Why Me? How can I get through this? It disrupts life to the extent of facing questions about what life is all about? Where does my happiness come from? How can I be happy if life is so darn tough? Where is God in all of this?

I am a Christian, but hardship forces us to face questions whether we think we have faith or not. I’ve come to see that facing hardship is ‘where the rubber hits the road’ as far as faith, and our approach to life in general, is concerned.

Facing Cancer with Faith is a more autobiographical version of my cancer story, interspersed with my reflections on how the Bible and the Christian faith speaks to me, encourages me, and enables me to remain joyful.

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Cancer and Me (published March 2016)

Cancer and Me (published March 2016)Trace through my experience of cancer – being ill, getting the news, having scans and tests, having chemotherapy, relapsing, an autologous stem cell transplant – through the journal entries I posted on my blog. Aimed at helping fellow-sufferers who want to ‘compare notes’ or hear from someone who has gone through what they’re facing. I’ve personally found it very helpful reading the experience of others, and that’s why I decided to release this book.

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