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Thinking through the bankruptcy of atheistic ethics and morality compared to that of Christianity

The Road to Hell is Wide (Whose Rules Rule 8)

First published 30 January 2012 To recap, I’ve been talking for a few months about morality and it’s place in Christian thought. I’ve compared Christian rational foundations with non-religious foundations. Non-religious philosophies, I’ve argued, have no rational basis for morality. They want to say some things are right and some things are wrong. They even…

By Andy Burrows 30th July 2015 0

Why Should We Care About Morality? (Whose Rules Rule 4)

First published 14 November 2011 I’ve been writing recently about morality, and comparing non-religious concepts with the Christian source of morality. I am writing this series of articles for two reasons. Firstly, I have noticed the apparent paradox whereby many non-religious people, who seem to have strong moral repulsion to awful acts such as rioting,…

By Andy Burrows 30th July 2015 0