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My 1st Re-Birthday (Cancer and Me 71)

So, as I’ve learnt from previous stem cell and bone marrow transplant patients, today is my 1st “re-birthday”. This time last year I was having stem cells infused after a week of high dose chemotherapy in a little sterile room in Southampton Hospital. I’m in a few Facebook groups for lymphoma suffers/survivors and bone marrow…

By Andy Burrows 8th December 2016 0

I’ve published my first book!

Having a book published is quite a big deal. And this was my first experience of self-publishing, using Createspace, Scrivener, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo Writing Life, iTunes Producer… and good ol’ Microsoft Word! So my first published book is now available to buy.  This one is merely the compendium of ‘cancer and me’ blog entries…

By Andy Burrows 8th March 2016 1