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My Allograft 2018-21 – 40. 26th September 2021 By Andy Burrows, 26 September 2021 I haven’t been in a shop for over three years. I’ve been avoiding people who might pass on any kind of infection while my immune system has been compromised. My immune system first took a hit while I was undergoing chemotherapy…

By Andy Burrows 26th September 2021 3

Still Looking for The Cheese

My Allograft 2018-21 – 39. 25th April 2021 By Andy Burrows, 25 April 2021 I know I’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again. Cancer battles are only partly a battle with cancer. The physical treatment is a significant challenge, don’t get me wrong. And the treatment for my fourth cancer experience dwarfed the…

By Andy Burrows 25th April 2021 4

Time to throw in the towel

Covid19 “holiday” journal day 89 – 14 June 2020 After 89 days in self-isolation, it’s time to think about going home. But what challenges are there in reintegrating and deliberately being less careful than before? Here’s one of my last “holiday” video journal entries as I plan to go back home.

By Andy Burrows 16th June 2020 0

Feeling Like Frodo

My Allograft 2018-20 – 37. 23rd May 2020 By Andy Burrows, 23 May 2020 A couple of people got in touch because they wondered why I hadn’t posted a video journal for a while. And it’s comforting to know that people notice. It’s just a weird situation. And I have tried a couple of times…

By Andy Burrows 23rd May 2020 1

A Pandemic of Positivity

COVID-19 Outbreak – 25th April 2020 Not quite half way into my isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s another video journal reflecting on two things: The ‘R value’ of viral transmission The heart-warming, smile-forming power of appreciation What can we bring about by combining those two things? Here’s the link if the video doesn’t appear…

By Andy Burrows 26th April 2020 2

Who Moved My Cheese?

COVID-19 Outbreak – 17th April 2020 Well, I’m still tucked away on my own in the flat away from everyone else. It’s Day 31, and I’ve got another couple of months to go. Listening to the way people are talking, there are some nervous voices out there. This is unsettling for virtually everyone. Everyone is…

By Andy Burrows 18th April 2020 0

Don’t feel like it? Do it anyway!

It’s 2nd April, and this is Day 16 of my “holiday” because of the coronavirus outbreak. Only another 75 to go! What do you do when you don’t feel like doing something, because you’re feeling down and the negative inner voices are chirping up? Go, do it anyway! Here’s some thoughts on video for you…

By Andy Burrows 3rd April 2020 0

Practicing Gratitude

COVID-19 “Holiday” Journal – 23 March 2020 There’s being grateful and then there’s the practice of gratitude. I’ve found it helpful to make a habit of reminding myself of things I’m thankful for. Here are some reflections on my experience of that habit, on Day 6 of my “holiday” away from other people during the…

By Andy Burrows 30th March 2020 1

3 Things You Need to Keep Going

COVID-19 “Holiday” Journal – 22 March 2020 I decided not to call this a video “diary”, because that causes too much self-analysis and introspection. Instead, I’m focusing on thoughts that might help people keep happy and content during a time like this. This time I talk about three things that you need to make sure…

By Andy Burrows 29th March 2020 1