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Home for a Wonderful Christmas

My Allograft 2018/19 – 4. Wednesday 2nd January 2019 By Andy Burrows, 2 January 2019 Happy New Year! Happy New Year everyone! I just thought I’d do a little update. I have to say, last time I updated you I was still a little shell-shocked at the change of plan, and a little cautious thinking…

By Andy Burrows 2nd January 2019 4

The new plan

My Allograft 2018/19 – 3. Friday 14th December 2018 By Andy Burrows, 14 December 2018 Adjusting “How are you feeling,” we asked all our kids several times on Tuesday evening, trying to make sure they were digesting the change of plan ok. “I’m just confused,” was the response from our youngest, who is about to…

By Andy Burrows 14th December 2018 1

The length of the climb

My Allograft 2018/19 – 1. Sunday 9th December 2018 By Andy Burrows, 9 December 2018 My daily blog begins again I recorded a bunch of videos over the last week that I had every intention of editing and putting together into a little documentary on what I’ve been doing to prepare for my stem cell…

By Andy Burrows 10th December 2018 5