Stem Cell Transplant Journal Day 14 – 14 December 2015 (Cancer and Me 55)

15th December 2015 1 By Andy Burrows

In relation to how I’m feeling, things are still getting worse. And I’m now at my most vulnerable too, so things could get even worse quite quickly.

When I got up for the toilet in the night I came over with a cold sweat and almost passed out, and I’ve just been lying in bed most of the day. Most of the time I couldn’t even muster the enthusiasm to put the TV on or listen to music. Heidi was very patient when she was here, but it must have been very boring for her!

Thankfully I perked up enough to watch a film and chat on FaceTime on separate occasions with Heidi, Tom and Anna in the evening. But it has left me quite drained.

I’m not eating anything, so all the calories and nutrition I get is through ‘build up’ milkshakes and yoghurt. That’s all I can stomach. And if it weren’t for the threat of the NG tube I’d be happy having nothing! I do hope this constant nausea passes soon, as I do enjoy eating nice food!

So far since being in here I’ve lost about 5kg in weight. And I reckon I’m sufficiently overweight that I can stand losing about another 8 or 9kg before I start to look too skinny. So there’s a little silver lining to the cloud… so long as it doesn’t involve the NG tube! My jeans will fit better when I put them on to go home in a week or so.