Stem Cell Transplant Journal Day 10 – 10 December 2015 (Cancer and Me 51)

11th December 2015 0 By Andy Burrows

If yesterday was boring, today was almost more so… until later.

I felt a bit off-colour and a bit tired at a few points in the day, but mostly I’m still feeling ok. My bowel movements are being ‘monitored’ now, as my 7 or 8 off-colour moments seem to be related to them (I’m trying to find a polite roundabout way of describing it, but it’s embarrassing nonetheless!).

WCC is 3.2 (down from 4.5), which is now below normal (4-11).

Neut is 3.1 (down from 4.3), but it’s still within a normal range (2.0-7.5) even though five days ago I was up at 7.1.

So all heading the right direction and on schedule to hit zero at the weekend.

And apparently I still smell of sweetcorn when I breathe.

Heidi came as usual during the day. Jake and Joe were coming down to see me this evening, Jake driving his car. They got down the M3 as far as Eastleigh around 4:45pm and were involved in a shunt in the fast lane involving several cars… all caused by a maniac driver who cut across several lanes at speed, overtook on the wrong side, and cut into the fast lane (and then back out again) causing the car in front of Jake to brake suddenly. That driver – the cause of damage to at least 6 cars, as well as closure of the carriageway for part of an hour – just drove away into the night before anyone had chance to get his/her registration.

Jake’s car seems to be a write-off, and has been taken away by the Police for collection by the insurance company tomorrow. After hearing where they were headed, the Police very kindly agreed to bring the boys to the hospital to see me. They are both physically fine – life’s lessons to be learned. I do feel sorry for Jake. But I am proud of his maturity in dealing with the insurance claim and the Police all by himself. I’m just hoping he can score a few goals in his football match tomorrow to cheer himself up!

Heidi drove down to Southampton Hospital from Basingstoke for the second time today, to pick them up, and we spent some time together before they all headed back home.