New Book – Facing Cancer with Faith

New Book – Facing Cancer with Faith

14th April 2016 0 By Andy Burrows

Cancer has been a big thing in my life for more than six years. It put me in hospital for nearly two Facing Cancer with Faith covermonths at the beginning of 2010, and has reared its ugly head again twice since then. Each occasion has involved a roller coaster ride of emotion whilst going through the painfully slow process of feeling ill, having tests and scans, finding out the exact diagnosis and deciding on treatment, followed by the physical impact of chemotherapy, antibody treatment and most recently a stem cell transplant.

But Jesus Christ has been bigger in my life for longer. And so when hardships have come my way I’ve always wanted to face them in a way that honours him, following the way that he faced his hardships for the sake of his people.

Through a failed business venture and my love of writing, I fell into blogging in 2009. And so when illness hit me I naturally started to publish some personal reflections on what I was facing, telling of how I saw my hardships in the light of what the Bible says. I followed my nose through all sorts of different aspects of the Bible’s teaching, from how we should acknowledge God’s wisdom and control, to having an eternal perspective; from how suffering is not (as the atheists say) a reason to deny God, to how we can have faith for things that we cannot see.

In my latest book, Facing Cancer with Faith, I have woven those reflections, along with some new ones, into an autobiographical account of my cancer journey. My prayer is that seeing my experiences alongside some reflection on the Bible’s teaching would lead readers to challenge their approach to life, whether suffering or not, and whether Christian or not, and that in doing so they would find strong comfort and hope from the one who said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Follow this link to find out more, including details of how to get hold of a copy.