I’ve published my first book!

I’ve published my first book!

8th March 2016 1 By Andy Burrows

Having a book published is quite a big deal. And this was my first experience of self-publishing, using Createspace, Scrivener, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kobo Writing Life, iTunes Producer… and good ol’ Microsoft Word!

So my first published book is now available to buy. 

Cancer and Me (published March 2016)

This one is merely the compendium of ‘cancer and me’ blog entries – what I call the ‘omnibus’ edition. I’ve kept editing to a minimum, so that what you’ll be reading is almost exactly what’s already available on this website but in a format that’s much easier to read.

At some stage I’ll have a tidy up on this website and archive off the older blog entries, so when that happens this book will be the only way to read through my cancer blog from the start.

You can find out how to buy a copy by following this link.