Andy’s New Website

27th July 2015 0 By Andy Burrows

I should have posted this earlier. I am moving over from my old Reflections blog (on google) to this new website. Gradually I will be moving most of the old articles over, but will try to organise them better so that you can find them. Once that’s done, all my new writing will go on this new website.

Having learnt a thing or two about websites over the last few years, the idea behind the move was to go for the greater flexibility that self-hosting and WordPress provides. I hope that you like it and find it easy to navigate. Do let me know if you have any feedback (feel free to use the comments form below).

I should just let you know that I am not yet quite used to the controls over announcing posts to twitter, Facebook and google+! So whilst I will try not to clog my twitter feed with announcements about articles I wrote years ago, if you see lots of tweets and status updates saying I wrote a hundred new articles, it’s probably just me copying them over!

As ever, with this new development in my writing, to God alone be the glory!