I would like you to understand that I do not expect donations. Except where I’m specifically selling something, all the content on this website is free. I don’t even particularly need any money to help me keep writing. And I don’t allow random google ads on my site.

However, there are occasions when people do want to give us money because of the gap in my income that we suffer when I am having cancer treatment. Those are hard times, and gifts in the past have been appreciated very much, literally a Godsend. Between December 2015 and whenever I manage to get back to work in 2016 (hopefully in the summer) is one of those hard times. It’s often difficult when people want to give directly but don’t want to be intrusive or make a big thing about it.

So hopefully this will make it easier if you do want to give. If you follow the link to you will be able to send money via PayPal if you have a PayPal account – make sure you see my picture on the page that comes up, and it should say ‘Andrew Burrows, Basingstoke, GB’.

Please, more importantly, if you are a Christian, pray for us, that the Lord would continue to graciously provide for us and to enable us to glorify Him through whatever happens.